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Add agent failed Ask for help
Client version: python 0.4.0
Server version: 0.10.1
Hashcat version: 5.1.0
Hash type: 9400 (office 2007)

I am getting the following error when adding a proxy.

The following is an error when prompted by this method in the video tutorial.

mv  agent* hashtopussy.exe 
chmod +x hashtopussy.exe
mono ./hashtopussy.exe
Cannot open assembly './hashtopussy.exe': File does not contain a valid CIL image.

Unable to continue configuration.

I wonder if the python 0.4.0 client can no longer be configured using the configuration method in the video?

So how do I configure python 0.4.0 as my proxy client? Please tell us how.
The Youtube Videos are outdated and need to be redone which is why they are labeled as "depreciated"

So there are a couple things going wrong here. You are trying to use the python agent but running it as if it is a windows binary.
The command "mv agent* hashtopussy.exe" is renaming the downloaded file. (The file you are downloading if you look at the new agent section is a zip file not an exe)
"chmod +x hashtopussy.exe" is making that file executable (its not an executable its a zip file)
"mono ./hashtopussy.exe" is trying to run the file (a zip file) as a windows binary ( when it is most certainly not a windows binary) hence "File dont not conatin a vaild CIL image

What you should be doing:

Download the zip file just as before then rename the file appropratly

"mv agent*"

Then ( if you have python installed on the system) you can run the python agent with the following command

"python3 ./"


Let me know if you run into more issues.

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