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Combinator Rules
  • Current Server Version ==> 0.5.1

  • Current Client Version ==> csharp 0.52.1

  • Hashcat Version ==> 4.1.0

  • Task command you are using ==> #HL# -j '$@' -a 1 wordlist1.txt wordlist2.txt

  • A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing ==> This syntax works fine on a Linux hashcat command line, but when I craft the syntax for hashtopolis as shown above I get "The command must contain no blacklisted characters".  Are combinator rules not permitted within the construct of hashtopolis?

  • Debug output from the client ==> No client debug was performed; appears to be a syntax problem on the server side
First of all, respect that you still run such an old version of hashtopolis Wink

Hashtopolis has a list of blacklisted characters configured which are not allowed to be in the command line to prevent users exploiting the agents by executing arbitrary commands. But you can change this configuration as you like. As an admin you can go to the server config and edit this list of blacklisted characters to remove the ones you need to use with the command above.

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